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6 Tips to Create a Remarkable Video Marketing Strategy.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Studies have shown that video has grown to be one of the most effective components in the marketing world. Video is no longer new in the game of content marketing, but it has become a vital part of many brands marketing plans.

Just think about how you consume content daily. You may scroll right past a still image on your Instagram feed, but when you see a moving video of a man wrapping rubber bands around a pumpkin you stop dead in mid-swipe and watch a few seconds of what’s going on. With the development of new apps like TikTok business, brands, and entrepreneurs are using video more than ever to gain online exposure.

“Videos stop viewers in mid-swipe and grab their attention enough for you get your point across - that's a powerful tool!”

Check out a few tips on how you can improve your video marketing strategy and take your efforts to the next level.

1.Tell compelling stories.

I personally love a good story; they allow you to understand what morals and principals a brand is built on. The best stories are those the draw you in and leave you wanting more.

It’s always a good idea to incorporate stories into your video content. It’s the perfect way to increase engagement from your audience and build trust. You usually see videos about the company, their vision, and their products, but look for more creative ways to tell stories in your videos. What problems does your business solve? What impact are you making on people’s lives? How are you involved in the community? Create your story and use videos to share them online.

2. Create tutorials and demos.

How does your product work? What’s the best practices for your product or service? With video marketing you can create content that answer questions your audience may have about your product.

Tutorials and demo videos can build trust with customers because they know what to expect before they even purchase your product or service. We both know customers want to feel confident in their decision before they hit the “Buy Now” button. Tutorial and demo videos will help to convert people that visit your site into lifetime customers.

3. Use customer-generated content.

We all know how people love seeing themselves in videos online. It’s flattering for a customer to see you share a video of them showing off your product. It’s always a good idea to encourage your customers to create video while using your products and services, then post those videos to your social media.

Honestly, this strategy gains the most clients for my business. People like doing what they see their friends do. Can you agree? When someone comes into my studio for a photoshoot, and they set their phone up to record behind the scenes. Then they post the video of the work we did, and I almost automatically get a few new bookings. We trust that our friends are dealing with quality products or services, so treat your business the same way. Every time someone shares one of your videos, your business will gain exposure on their social timeline.

4. Create a social media posting schedule.

Keeping up with the online demand of posting valuable content daily will have you wanting to pull out your hair and drive off a bridge! Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but I’m sure you can relate. Social audiences expect you to release regular content that they can relate to. So, it’s important to think of your videos as campaigns instead of posting randomly. Think of a story your brand can tell then break it up into multiple parts, posting a new video each week.

As your audience catches on to your posting schedule, it will encourage them to come back for more videos. Keep your audience engaged by continuing to create new video campaigns. This will help to establish your brand as an expert in your Industry.

5. SEO content for optimizing

You may know that Google indexes YouTube videos. When people search for your brand, you can show up multiple times in the search. Include keywords and phrases in your video descriptions. You also have the option to add short links with calls to action that lead people that visit your website to the path of converting.

6. Evaluate your performance

What gets measure, gets managed, and gets done. The same goes with your video marketing strategies. You must evaluate the performance of your video marketing.

Many platforms include analytics that give you an idea of how your videos are performing. You can use analytics such as the length of time a video is viewed, or how many times people press play on your video. This gives you an idea of what you may need to adjust in your strategy. If you notice that people are only watching about 20 seconds of your video, you may want to create a video that is only 30 seconds long. If you see that everyone likes the video with you wearing the red had and not the blue, you should create more videos with the red hat.

Analytics allow you to see what is resonating with your audience, and once you have that formula you can now create video content you know your audience wants to see.


In conclusion video marketing is a valuable piece of the marketing puzzle. You want to make sure your brand is competing at a high level. You have so many options with the kinds of videos you can create and Remarkable VI Studios is here to help create amazing photography and videography content that will help tell your brands story. Contact us and lets brainstorm on some groundbreaking ideas for your next video campaign.


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