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Can an animated logo benefit your brand?

Hopefully at this point in your social media strategy you can see how much more engagement moving images get than static images. We tend to scroll right past those still images and not even give them a second glance. However, when an image has a motion element, it catches our eye, and we may stop just for a second to see what the image is all about. The use of animation has been proven to increase your online presence and is a great way to encourage customer engagement.

Adding animation to your logo is attention-grabbing, entertaining and effective to add to your marketing strategy. Let’s talk about a few benefits that logo animation can bring to your brand.

1. Evoke emotions

Animated logos serve as a great way to evoke emotions with your audience. Text is usually persuasive by nature, but visual imagery and animation is more effective when trying to get your audience to feel a certain way. The play on colors and movement in animation causes people to feel something for your logo animation.

2. Increase brand awareness

The use of animated logos is a great way to increase brand awareness. Animation is dynamic and interesting and will differentiate your logo from static logo images. Animation grabs the attention of your audience and will easily communicate your message. Your logo should already be memorable, animation will help to firmly imprint your brand in the mind of your audience. The perfect logo is crucial to the visual identity of your brand.

3. Boost your SEO

Statistics show that video increase the amount of time people spend on a web page. Google takes this into consideration when you have a video embedded on your site. This video would be in the form of your animated logo. I personally use my animated logo at the end of all my content. Even if it’s just a picture, I’m able to turn the image into a video by adding my brand’s animated logo to the end of the image. This turns a still image into a video also adds some brand recognition to the end of your video by displaying your animated logo.

4. Offline engagement

Animated logo can be used in offline settings as well. You can add them to PowerPoint presentations, on reporting, as well as business meetings to give a professional look to your mediums. Animations are engaging and will reduce the time needed to deliver a clear message to your audience.

Animated logos are a great addition to your marketing strategy. It’s attention grabbing and gives a professional look to your brand. The best part about it, is that it’s easy to have your already created logo turned into animated logo. Visit our animated logo service page to get started. You can have your brand’s logo animated within the next 48-hours!

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