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Watch this video to understand the studio rental booking process. 

Do you need a  Creative Space for your next project?

Our agency provides a creative space

If you're a freelance photographer, videographer, or content creator looking for a comfortable studio set up for your clients, we have you covered. Take advantage of our creative space so you can create remarkable photo and video production. 

Our marketing agency provides a creative space

Our green screen room is professional grade chroma key paint for a clean finish to your productions. Virtual tours are available or you can schedule an appointment to stop by and check out the studio before booking.

If you have any questions about our studio rentals send contact us today.

Our marketing agency provides a creative space

What's available to you.


  • 2 - Neewer 3200 - 5600k

  • 2 - Umbrella lights 


  • Black and white seamless paper backdrops

  • Chromakey green screen wall


  • We have a black mid size stool, and black with animal print directors chair

  • You may bring any props as needed, as long as there is nothing wet. 

Book our creative space
Book your creative space

Book your Creative Space.

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