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Imposter syndrome doesn't live here anymore...

Creative Director Gregory Linder sits down with Bold Journey Magazine as he talks about overcoming imposter syndrome.

Meet Gregory Linder
Creative Director Gregory Linder

Gregory, first a big thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and insights with us today. I’m sure many of our readers will benefit from your wisdom, and one of the areas where we think your insight might be most helpful is related to imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is holding so many people back from reaching their true and highest potential and so we’d love to hear about your journey and how Gregory Linder talks overcomes imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is something that I think we all deal with at one point or another during your journey to success. Some people either succumb to, while others take control and get past it. Imposter syndrome starts in the mind. It’s our thoughts that translate into how we feel about ourselves. From me understanding this I decided to invest into a mindset coach. Now that I look back on it this was a pivotal move that needed to be made because it was my mind that was keeping me from not reaching the levels I wanted to achieve. Let’s take it back a little further that that. When I was a child I grew up with a mom that had extremely high expectations for me. This caused me to perform at a high level because disappointing your mom is the last thing you want to ever do, right?

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