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We all know that in order for a business to thrive, your audience has to trust your brand. There's many ways to achieve this, and one of the most effective ways is with video content.

The 4-Pack Video Production Package allows you to create four interview style branding videos in one film session. 

Interview style videos are videos that you are speaking directly to the camera. This video style is very personal to your audience because you are speaking directly to them concerning your business.

It builds trust with your audience and helps them understand your brand. 

*This package is filmed in studio on our green screen which gives everyone a custom background of your choice. 

We can also film at your business location with an additional travel fee. 

What business owners are saying...

Here's how it works

  • We will produce (4) :30 second interview-style videos.

  • You will have 4 talking points that are based on what your audience wants to know about your brand. 

  • We have the option of on location or our green screen room that will give you a custom background on your production. 

  • Each video will include your branding elements such as logos, name and title, branding colors, etc. 

Here's an example

This is what you'll need for your shoot.

  • You'll need to be dressed nicely in your brand colors or logo wear. We want to make sure we use every branding element in your video.

  • You should have an understanding of your four talking points. We'll work together to make sure we have the right questions to be answered that will appeal to your audience. 

  • Bring your smile because our production team will handle the rest!


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