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Life can be complicated. Getting coverage shouldn’t be._edited.png

Free Healthcare Coverage Provided For You Through

Did you know even a minor fracture can cost you over $20,000 in hospital bills these days, or the cost of a kidney transplant is roughly equivalent to the median annual salary of an American Worker?


  • $0 Monthly Premium

  • Good For 1 Year

  • CVS pharmacy meds covered

  • Lab test

  • MRIs Scans and more covered 

  • Hospital visits we cover a large percentage

  • Annual immunizations 

  • Physical exams

  • Surgery's

  • Free primary care provider (physician office will be assigned to you)

  • Some may qualify for PPO

Important Qualification Note To Consider

You can have current primary insurance coverage and still qualify. 
You cannot currently have Medicare or Medicaid coverage.


Meet Your Healthcare

Gregory Linder

Gregory Linder is referral agent with an unwavering dedication to serving his community. As a healthcare specialist partnering with Florida Blue, Gregory brings not only expertise but also a genuine desire to ensure every individual has access to quality medical services.

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